Live picture from the Great Tit nestbox (Webcam)

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2015/03/09 - Moss for the nest!
2015/04/13 - The first egg!
2015/04/17 - Four eggs, great-tit begins to breed
2015/05/01 - The first birds hatched!
2015/05/02 - 6 young birds
2015/05/08 - Feathers are visible, the biggest bird opens its eyes
2015/05/12 - Yet 5 birds
2015/05/14 - Yet 4 birds
2015/05/17 - Yet 3 birds
2015/05/23 - All 3 young birds fly out, the last one waits a while
2015/05/20 - First overnight of a great-tit, next one at 09/27
2016/04/04 - Starting the nest
2016/04/09 - The first egg!
2016/04/10 - Every day another egg...
2016/04/17 - Nine eggs, the great-tit begins to breed
2016/04/28 - The first birds hatch!
2016/04/29 - 8 young birds
2016/05/03 - One half of them has gone
2016/05/17 - The three smallest did not survive the cold night
2016/05/19 - The strongest one made it and left the nestbox in the morning!
2016/05/21 - Nestbox cleaned, maybe another great-tit arrives?
2016/05/22 - Already another pair of great-tits moved in and starts building a nest!
2016/05/25 - Very quick, here is the first egg
2016/05/26 - Every day another egg...
2016/05/28 - Heavy hail did not destroy the nestbox, but my meteorological station
2016/06/01 - Eight eggs, the bird begins to breed
2016/06/12 - Seven litte birds hatched
2016/06/22 - Only three one left
2016/07/02 - In the morning, the baby chick is very weak. Mom stays about 20 minutes with it, then it dies. At half past eight the two other birds are lured out by their mom.
2016/10/06 - And again an overnight guest!
2017/03/06 - Some parts of moss lie in the nestbox, but no nest arising
2017/03/10 - Every day a little bit more moss
2017/03/27 - The first egg
2017/03/28 - The second egg
2017/04/04 - The third egg
2017/04/05 - 10 eggs (like never before), beginning to breed
2017/04/18 - The little birds hatch
2017/04/26 - Despite frostiness and snow eight hungry beaks are waiting for food
2017/05/03 - I only count three young birds...
2017/05/07 - All three flew out! Much too early, flying works out not so well, till the evening they sit in the garden at the house wall or in the rhododendron and are fed by their parents.
I spotted all three of them:
Left the nest! Left the nest! Left the nest!
2017/05/08 - In the morning I hear the beeps of the chicks, for a moment I see one of the parents and two of the youngs flying out of the quince tree to the neighbours. Each brood disappeared and returned some days later for short visits in the garden...

Diary  Blue Tit nestbox:
2017/04/29 - Blue Tits hatch (9 eggs)
2017/05/03 - 6 young birds
2017/05/06 - Yet three little blue tits...
2017/05/15 - The Blue Tit Mom sleeps outside the nest
2017/05/17 - Day 18, the Blue Tits fly out! The smallest needs some extra hours

2017/05/14 - A new nest is formed in the Great Tit nestbox!
2017/05/18 - After staying overnight the great tit lays her first egg
2017/05/26 - 9 eggs, begins to breed
2017/06/06 - 8 fledglings
2017/06/14 - Some of them opened their eyes
2017/06/24 - Fledged! The second to last chick waits til noon, the baby bird seems to like it in the nest. Mother sometimes feeds and in the late afternoon it flutters with its wings and after some peeks off the window it's leaving home. It lumbers on the terrace roof, almost falls into the gutter and flies unerringly to the next tree!

  For the presentation of the picture I use a script from Stefan Bion. By the way, during the last years he also transmitted the inside of the nest box to the World.

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A short movie shows the last young bird that survived in 2010. On 2010/05/29 it looks out of the nestbox, working up the courage to fly out. In slow motion you can watch the flaps very good.
The movie is recorded with the nestbox-cam and a SONY HDR-HC9 HDV camcorder.
HTML5 video.
Here is the alternative Flash version.

Which activities are shown in which month?
March to April: nest-building, Great Tit stays overnight in the nestbox.
May: if you are lucky, breeding the eggs and fly out of the fledglings.
June to September: nestbox is normally empty.
October to February: when it's getting noticable colder at night, a Great Tit spent the nights every year. When it dawns the bird "comes home", cleans its feathers and sleeps until sunrise.
The adjoining table (visible only with javascript) with the sunset times provides a quite good orientation. If the sky is clear the displayed time matches with the homecoming of the great tit, mostly a bit later. If it's cloudy or even bad weather often much earlier.
nest box
And that's the nest box itself
(january 2010)

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