Live picture from the Great Tit nestbox (Webcam)

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2009/10/28 - First overnight stay, very late this year
2010/10/11 - Since today again continuous visits by a Great Tit!
2011/10/15 - Since this evening a Great Tit stays overnight
2012/03/14 - The first pieces of moss are mounted
2012/03/21 - Basic nest design recognizable
2012/04/09 - First egg
2012/04/10 - 2 eggs
2012/04/11 - 3 eggs
2012/04/12 - 4 eggs
2012/04/16 - 5 eggs
2012/04/17 - Sitting on the eggs since today
2012/04/28 - 4 birds hatched
2012/04/29 - All 5 are ready to be always hungrys
2012/05/16 - The smallest is frozen to death, probably because of the 0C night temperature
2012/05/17 - The remaing 4 fly out in the morning at 0900!
2012/05/21 - Nestbox cleaned, 3 hours later moss inside again
2012/05/24 - A Great Tit stays overnight
2012/05/26 - First egg
2012/05/27 - 2 eggs
2012/05/28 - 3 eggs
2012/05/29 - 4 eggs, starts breeding!
2012/06/10 - First bird hatched
2012/06/11 - The next two birds hatched, but the forth egg remains closed
2012/06/28 - All birds are gone!
2012/10/20 - A new overnight guest
2013/03/22 - The Great Tit arrives no longer in the evening, a Blue Tit hangs around...
2013/04/12 - Blue Tit displaced, spring's starting and the Great Tit builds a nest
2013/04/16 - The nest is ready and the Great Tit stays overnight
2013/04/25 - First egg
2013/04/27 - 2 eggs
2013/05/05 - 8 eggs, the bird starts breeding!
2013/05/17 - The first bird hatched this afternoon
2013/05/18 - Seven birds hatched!
2013/05/26 - All seven are well, and it's raining
2013/05/27 - I'm counting yet six beaks
2013/05/28 - Yet five
2013/05/28 - Only two birdies alive
2013/05/31 - Just one young bird left
2013/06/02 - Now the last birdie died
Was it too cold? Too wet? Consequences on synthetic fiber in the nest originating from neighborhood rubbish?
In my opinion there was enough food for all, also the great-tit dad brought plenty of in. And the great-tit mom cared until the last minute, the birdie did not stop "crying" in the last night...
BBC television (in one of the Springwatch shows) told, if it's getting very cold during the night, the bird mom could not hold the too grown-up young ones warm enough.

2013/06/04 - In the other nestbox (for the Blue Tits) in the garden (the same?) great tits begin to build a nest!
2013/11/13 - In the Blue Tit nestbox a Great Tit stays overnight since today
2014/01/02 - The Great Tit nestbox was empty until today
2014/03/13 - A Great Tit brings in some moss
2014/03/28 - All full of moss
2014/03/30 - The nest is now comfortable, the Great Tit stays overnight
2014/04/03 - First egg
2014/04/04 - 2 eggs... one more each day!
2014/04/10 - 8 eggs, the bird starts breeding
2014/04/11 - 9 eggs
2014/04/23 - First birdy hatched!
2014/05/01 - Feathers visible, in the evening some eyes are open!
2014/05/03 - The birds are busy cleaning themselves
2014/05/12 - All nine youngsters fly out after eight o'clock
2014/10/29 - New camera module and new wooden base in the great tit nestbox
2014/12/28 - At -7C the first accommodation of a great-tit
2015/03/09 - Moss for the nest!

6 eggs
6 eggs (2011)
Great Tit 2012
Great Tit 2012
Last night with the little bird (2013/06/01)
Last night with the little bird
  For the presentation of the picture I use a script from Stefan Bion. By the way, he also transmits the inside of the nest box to the World.
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A short movie shows the last young bird that survived in 2010. On 2010/05/29 it looks out of the nestbox, working up the courage to fly out. In slow motion you can watch the flaps very good.
The movie is recorded with the nestbox-cam and a SONY HDR-HC9 HDV camcorder.
Flash-Video: Great Tit flying out (2010)
Javascript and Flash is required to play the movie!

Which activities are shown in which month?
March to April: nest-building, Great Tit stays overnight in the nestbox.
May: if you are lucky, breeding the eggs and fly out of the fledglings.
June to September: nestbox is normally empty.
October to February: when it's getting noticable colder at night, a Great Tit spent the nights every year. When it dawns the bird "comes home", cleans its feathers and sleeps until sunrise.
The adjoining table (visible only with javascript) with the sunset times provides a quite good orientation. If the sky is clear the displayed time matches with the homecoming of the great tit, mostly a bit later. If it's cloudy or even bad weather often much earlier.
nest box
And that's the nest box itself
(january 2010)

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