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panoramic view over Koenigsbronn
Koenigsbronn (Baden-Wuerttemberg, South Germany), view from Herwartstein
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City Hall Koenigsbronn   Webcam with current look at Koenigsbronn, as well as some informations about my hometown. (only German text)

great tit nest box
A look into the nest box! A Webcam looks into the realm of the great tit, it's nest box.

Great Tit on a limb
Interesting things about the Great Tit: the story of a pair of Great Tits from when they started building a nest until the fly-out of the young birds in the year 1996, as well as some occurrences afterwards.

weather station in Koenigsbronn
Report of my weather station in Koenigsbronn. Current data from an external unit is received by a WH-1080, a Raspberry Pi is processing data with the meteohub software for the web. (only German text)

particulate matter in Koenigsbronn
Measurement and registration of particulate matter values in Koenigsbronn. Current PM2.5 and PM10, all average day values, clear diagrams, access to all archived values, approx. 500 measurements per day. (only German text)

satellite dishes
A short description of my satellite Earth station, consisting of two steady 85cm dishes, a 100cm dish with STAB motor and a 150cm turnable prime focus.

UHF Antenne
Some nice maker projects: receiving DVB-T from far Munich, perfect Zoom H2 recordings, converting a mountain bike to a pedelec... (only German text)

Sony interface protocols
Almost my whole A/V equipment is labeled SONY, so I concentrated on exploring the interface protocols:LANC(tm) (camcorder control), SIRCS/CTRL-S (infrared/old AV-bus) und S-LINK/CTRL-A(II) (new AV bus).

Betamax cassette
SONY also developed the best (analogue) home video system ever made: Betamax(tm). A little reminiscence of it and interesting links.

Some of my travels are logged in words and pictures, here you can read these travel reports.

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