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So funktioniert das SONY SIRCS/CTRL-S Protokoll


How SONY's SIRCS / CTRL-S protocol works

Neben der IR-Bedienung gibt es bei SONY die Möglichkeit, Geräte über die CTRL-S Schnittstelle zu bedienen. Die Command-Codes sind überall die gleichen, bei CTRL-S und IR benötigt man noch einen Geräte-Code. Ausserdem sind die Codes verglichen mit LANC(tm) um ein Bit nach rechts verschoben.
SIRCS entspricht im Timing dem CTRL-S, aber SIRCS wird mit 40 kHz gepulst. Ein Befehl ist erst nach 3 oder 4 Telegrammen gültig.
  Nearly all SONY devices can be controled by infrared, some also have a CTRL-S plug. The command codes are the same, but for CTRL-S and IR you need an additional device code.
SIRCS and CTRL-S have the same timing, but SIRCS is pulsed with 40 kHz. A command is valid after 3 or 4 telegrams.

SIRCS-Protokoll - Timing Diagram
CTRL-S and SIRCS (Sony Infrared Remote Control System) protocol

SIRCS SymbolTable for device codes:

Device # (bin) Description 5 Bit codes
TV 00001 TV-devices since 1986
VTR1 00010 Betamax Video since 1986
VT 00011 Videotext (Teletext)
since 1991: 00100 Base for extended 5+3 Bit codes
CAR 00100 100 Car-Audio
TVdi 00100 101 TV digital effects, adjustments (RM-817)
AVM 00100 111 AV Matrix (RM-3000)
LD (MDP) 00110 Laser-Disc Player
VTR2 00111 V8 and Hi8 Video
VACC 01010 Video Accessory
VTR3 01011 FauHaEss Video
SUR2 01100 Surround-special-keys
TU 01101 Tuner
DE_B 01110 Tape2/DeckB
MD 01111 Mini-Disc
AU 10000 Audio-System, Tape1/DeckA, Phono
CD 10001 CD-Player
SUR 10010 Surround-Amplifier, Equalizer
CD2 10100 CD-Player 2
CD3 10101 CD-Player 3
MCM 10111 Mobile Control Master
PCMA 11000 PC Mouse Control A
since 1991: 11001 Base for extended 5+3 Bit codes
DSR 11001 010 DSR Tuner
Hi8t 11001 101 Hi8 Video Timecode-write, start-stop
Hi8c 11001 110 Hi8 Video Tele/Wide
PCMB 11001 PC Mouse Control B
since 1996: 11001 Base for extended 5+3 +5 Bit codes
VTR4 11001 101 00100 DV
VTR5 11001 101 01000 DV
VTR6 11001 101 10000 DV
TVTu 11010 Tuner-Control at some VCR's
PCMC 11010 PC Mouse Control C
since 1998: 11010 Base for extended 5+3 +5 Bit codes
VCD 11010 001 00110 Video-CD Player
DVD 11010 001 01001 DVD Player
MDed 11010 001 01100 MD: RM-D10P, all ASCII codes
VCRsv 11010 101 VCR extension
BD 11010 111 00010 Bluray Player
DVCA 11011 001 00100 Mini-DV basic functions
DAT 11100 DAT Recorder
SCAM 11110 Still Video Camera (old devices)
DVPH 11110 001 11010 Mini-DV photo functions
SERV 11111 111 Service mode (some new devices, like MD-S30x)

SIRCS SymbolTable for command codes:

action 7 Bit codes
00 program 1 (TV/VCR/TU/DVD/VCD/LD/AVM/DSR), number (CD/MD/DAT/CAR), F (MD)
01 program 2 (TV/VCR/TU/DVD/VCD/LD/AVM/DSR), number (CD/MD/DAT/CAR), G (MD)
02 program 3 (TV/VCR/TU/DVD/VCD/LD/AVM/DSR), number (CD/MD/DAT/CAR), H (MD)
03 program 4 (TV/VCR/TU/DVD/VCD/LD/AVM/DSR), number (CD/MD/DAT/CAR), I (MD)
04 program 5 (TV/VCR/TU/DVD/VCD/LD/AVM/DSR), number (CD/MD/DAT/CAR), J (MD)
05 program 6 (TV/VCR/TU/DVD/VCD/LD/AVM/DSR), number (CD/MD/DAT/CAR), K (MD)
06 program 7 (TV/VCR/TU/DVD/VCD/LD/DSR), number (CD/MD/DAT/CAR), L (MD)
07 program 8 (TV/VCR/TU/DVD/VCD/LD/DSR), number (CD/MD/DAT/CAR), M (MD)
08 program 9 (TV/VCR/TU/DVD/VCD/LD/DSR), number (CD/MD/DAT/CAR), N (MD)
09 program 0 (TV/VCR/TU/DVD/LD/DSR), number (CD), 10 (MD/VCD/CAR/950 MII), O (MD), start/stop (Hi)
0A program 11 (TU/950 MII/DSR), --/>25 od. "/"(MD), tele (Hi)
0B enter (TV/VCR/DVD), program 12 (TU/950 MII/DSR), wide (Hi), search/next (LD)
0C program 13 (TV/VCR), 1- (TV), TPoff 682 (VT)
0D program 14 (TV/VCR), 2- (TV), TPon 682 (VT), off (CAR), EQ slope (SUR), check (CD/VCD)
0E program 15 (TV/VCR), channel (TV), TPon 689 (VT), mem (TU/DECK B), return (DVD/VCD)
0F program 16 (TV/VCR), C00 (TV), clear/file text (CD/MD/DVD/VCD/AVM), band (TU), FM/AM (CAR), cou. reset (DECK B)
10 program + (TV/VCR/TU/DSR), 17 (CD/VCD), cancel (AVM)
11 program - (TV/VCR/TU/DSR), 18 (CD/VCD), sel (CAR)
12 volume + (TV/AU/CD/AVM), tuning + (TU), + (CAR)
13 volume - (TV/AU/CD/AVM), tuning - (TU), - (CAR)
14 mute (TV/AU/AVM), x2 (VCR), frame + (DVD), Number 0 (DAT)
15 power off (TV), viewfinder (or camera) off (CAM), photo (DV), power on/off (DAT/AU/MD/DVD)
16 eject (VCR/MD), open/close (CD/DECK B/DVD/VCD), ® · ¬ (TV), video mute (AVM)
17 main/sub (TV/VCR), 19 (CD/VCD), monitor (DECK B/LD), tune mode (TU), audio mode (AVM)
18 picture + (TV), stop (VCR/DECK B/LD), display/char (MD), undefined (DSR), custom index (CD), mode lock (AVM)
19 picture - (TV), pause (VCR/DECK B/LD), start/stop (DVCA), scroll (MD), file (CD), news (DSR), LD (SUR2), V/S (AVM)
1A color + (TV), play (VCR/DECK B/LD), tele (DVCA), date present, E (MD), affairs (DSR), file recall (CD), top menu (DVD), front/rear (AVM)
1B rew (VCR/DECK B), wide (DVCA), -/-- (TV/VCR), color - (TV), TPoff (VT), date recorded, D (MD), info (DSR), RMS enter (DAT), seek - (CAR), erase (CD), menu (DVD), set (AVM)
1C fwd (VCR/DECK B), seek + (CAR), sport (DSR), M1 (AVM)
1D rec (VCR/DECK B), cont. play (CD/MD), A (MD), AUX (AU), EQ f4 (SUR), RMS check (DAT), preset - "long" (CAR), educate (DSR), M2 (AVM)
1E bright + (TV), rec-p. (DECK B/2200 in VTR), EQ f5 (SUR), clear (DAT), shuffle, B (MD), drama (DSR), Video 2 (AU), preset + "long" (CAR), rew (LD), M3 (AVM)
1F bright - (TV), pgm (CD/MD/DVD), C (MD), culture (DSR), EQ (AU), fwd (LD), M4 (AVM)
20 hue + (TV), still (VCR), index photo (DVPH), 10 (CD), 20 (VCD), hue (T), science (DSR), Phono start/stop (AU), open/close (DAT), skip - (MD), EQ Band (SUR)
21 hue - (TV), local/mono (CAR), mono/stereo (TU), 11 (CD/VCD), color (T), Tuner (AU), counter mode (DAT), skip + (MD), varied (DSR), speed set + (LD)
22 sharp + (TV), x1/10 (VCR), 12 (CD/VCD), slow - (DVD), bright (T), Video 1 (AU), pop m (DSR), counter reset (DAT), speed set - (LD)
23 sharp - (TV), x1/5 (VCR), vis. scan (Hi8), 13 (CD/VCD), slow - (DVD), sharp (T), DAT/Tape 1 (AU), mono (TU), rew+play (DECK B), rock m (DSR), multi speed + (LD)
24 Tuner input (TV), treble (T), 14 (CD/VCD), Tape 2 (AU), m.o.r.m (DSR), multi speed - (LD)
25 x14 (VCR), 15 (CD/VCD), AVin (TV), bass (T), CD (AU), light m (DSR), disp pgm time (DAT), memory play (LD)
26 balance L (TV), x9 (VCR), 16 (CD/VCD),>12 (TU), balance (T), classics (DSR), repeat, ? (MD), disp abs time (DAT)
27 balance R (TV), tracking auto/man. (VCR), contrast (T), other (DSR), +10/>10/>20 (CD), A-B, >20 (VCD), ! (MD), PTY (CAR), disp custom counter (DAT)
28 search - (VCR), loudness, sub level (TV), time (CD), time/text (DVD/VCD), stop (MD), balance music (DSR), Phono start (AU), disp rem time (DAT), AV time (LD)
29 search + (VCR), space-sound (TV), 20 (CD), pause (MD), balance speech (DSR), Phono stop (AU), date present (DAT)
2A TV/VTR (TV/VCR), play photo (DVPH), A-B (CD/DVD/VCD), play (MD), date recorded (DAT)
2B memory photo - (DVPH), TextClear (VT), Mix (AU), rew, crsr left (MD), still/step + (LD), play mode (VCD)
2C memory photo + (DVPH), repeat (CD/DVD/VCD), fwd, crsr right (MD), Phono lift up/down (AU), EQ tone (SUR), still/step - (LD)
2D VTR (VCR), search select (DV), rec (MD), rec-pause (DAT)
2E power on
2F power off
30 time (TV), rev frame (VCR), skip - (CD/DVD/VCD), t.rec (MD), A (TU), preset - "short" (CAR), auto play (DECK B)
31 fwd frame (VCR), skip + (CD/DVD/VCD), B (TU), bass boost (SUR2), preset + "short" (CAR)
32 play (AU/CD/DVD/VCD), C (TU), cx (LD)
33 x1 (VCR), rew fast (AU/CD/DVD/VCD), D/shift (TU), auto-space, mono mode (DSR), "(" (MD)
34 fwd fast (AU/CD/DVD/VCD), tuning preset (TU), m.scan, ")" (MD), fine tuning + (DSR), acs/ams + (LD)
35 shuffle (CD/DVD), rec-pause (AU), EQ f3 (SUR), fine tuning - (DSR), acs/ams - (LD)
36 sleep (TV/VCR-850), rec (AU), index - (CD/VCD), write caps (MD), repeat 1/all (DAT), sound field mode + (SUR)
37 tracking normal (VCR) reverse (AU/CAR), index + (CD/VCD), write num (MD), sound field mode - (SUR)
38 TV (TV), stop (AU/CD/DAT/DVD/VCD), program 13 (DSR), EQ bgm (SUR), off (SUR2), repeat a-b (LD)
39 pause (CD/DAT/DVD/VCD), program 14 (DSR), EQ vocal (SUR), Dolby (SUR2), +10 (LD)
3A rew+play (VCR), display (TV), rew (CD), program 15 (DSR), edit (MD), play (DAT), EQ heavy (SUR), Hall (SUR2), step - (DVD)
3B prev. channel (TV), fwd (CD), enter (MD), rew (DAT), program 16 (DSR), EQ wm (SUR), Simul. (SUR2), step + (DVD)
3C AUX (VTR), m.scan (CD), fwd (DAT), write name (MD), EQ car (SUR)
3D slow + (VTR), disc skip - (CD), rec (DAT), clear (MD), EQ f1 (SUR), wide mode (TVdi)
3E slow - (VTR), disc skip + (CD), rec-play (DAT), EQ f2 (SUR)
3F Text/Mix (VT), rec-mute (AU/DAT), surround on/off / DSP (SUR2), music sync (MD), sound field (SUR2)
40 AV1 (TV), 11, P (MD), sel disc #1 (CD), analog (LD), review (DAT), monitor 1-1 (AVM)
41 AV2 (TV), 12, Q (MD), display mode (VCR), sel disc #2 (CD), shuffle (LD), cue (DAT), monitor 1-2 (AVM)
42 AV3 (TV), Video 3 (AU), 13, R (MD), crsr up (VCR), sel disc #3 (CD), rear vol + (SUR2), monitor 1-3 (AVM)
43 input AV (TV), Video 4 (AU), 14, S (MD), crsr down (VCR), sel disc #4 (CD), rear vol - (SUR2), monitor 1-4 (AVM)
44 15, T (MD), tracking/fine + (VCR), sel disc #5 (CD), delay time (SUR2), back (LD), monitor 1-5 (AVM)
45 input digital (TV), 16, U (MD), tracking/fine - (VCR), auto pgm (LD), monitor 1-6 (AVM)
46 17, V (MD), DAT/MD (AU), counter reset (VCR), Tuner-CD-Tape (CAR), auto pause (LD)
47 input VTR (TV), 18, W (MD), zero mem (VCR), FM 1/2-LW-MW-SW (CAR), 1/side/all (LD)
48 19, X (MD), index mark (VCR), CD (CAR), Page 100 (VT), picture DNR (VCD), monitor 2-1 (AVM)
49 20, Y (MD), index erase (VCR), double (VT), light (DAT), monitor 2-2 (AVM)
4A shuttle edit + (VCR), #/noise red. (TV), hold (VT), AF/TA (CAR), disc (CD), test-tone (SUR/VAC), 21, Z (MD), monitor 2-3 (AVM)
4B shuttle edit - (VCR), subtitle (VT), display mode (DAT/DECK B/TU/DSR), FM1/FM2 (CAR), 22, - (MD), clock disp (AU), search mode (DVD), monitor 2-4 (AVM)
4C cable toggle (TV), TOP 1 (VT), goto (VCR), data code (DV), AM oder MW/SW (CAR), 23, [space] (MD), block (CD), picture comet (VCD), block + (DSR), monitor 2-5 (AVM)
4D TOP 2 (VT), menu (VCR), 24, . (MD), block - (DSR), monitor 2-6 (AVM)
4E TOP 3 (VT), btx/cable (TV), 25, , (MD), rear vol + (SUR), memory (DECK B), margin reset (DAT), auto space (CD)
4F TOP 4 (VT), notch filter (TV), input select (VCR/DVD), rear vol - (SUR), peak-search (CD)
50 picture navi (DVD), start ID auto (DAT), counter reset (DECK B), audio mode (VCD), monitor 1-in/out (AVM)
51 start ID write (DAT), execute (VCR), TV/DVD (DVD)
52 start ID erase (DAT), Quick Timer (VCR)
53 index (VCR),start ID renumber (DAT), setup (DVD/VCD)
54 skip ID write (DAT), center vol + (SUR), display (DVD), monitor 2-in/out (AVM)
55 skip ID erase (DAT), center vol - (SUR), on-screen (VCD)
56 index search + (VCR), display mode (CD), error-rate (DAT)(initiate with 9 and 1)
57 index search - (VCR), rew + play (DAT), bookmark (DVD)
58 PIP program + (TV), end ID write (DAT), Tape Speed (VCR), Dolby (SUR)
59 PIP program - (TV), end ID erase (DAT), goto zero / tape return (VCR, not DV), Matrix (SUR)
5A counter display, data screen (VCR), sur (DVD), Hall (SUR), erase/delete (MD)
5B PIP on (TV), open/close (VCR-VTR1), picture mode (DVD), skip play (DAT), Simulated (SUR), replay (VCR-VTR3), divide (MD)
5C Timer Display (VCR), Triangle/Circle key/still image (TV), frame + (DVD)
5D DSP select (CD), side A (LD), mode C (AVM)
5E PIP position (TV), DSP flat (CD), side B (LD)
5F PIP swap (TV), Fader (CD/DAT)
60 Guide Menu (TV), Timer set (VCR), Showview (VCRsv), slow - (DVD), sleep (AU), start ID rehearsal (DAT)
61 Video Menu (TV), crsr right (VCR), next (VCR-VTR3), slow + (DVD/VCD), skip ID rehearsal (DAT)
62 Audio Menu (TV), crsr left (VCR), play (CD), subtitle on/off (DVD), end ID rehearsal (DAT)
63 Exit Menu (TV), Timer clear (VCR-VTR3..6), subtitle (DVD), AUX audio (AVM)
64 ASC (TV), Timer check (VCR-VTR3), audio DVD)
65 Timer rec. (VCR-VTR3), angle (DVD)
66 AVout (TV)
67 processor (AVM)
68 Audio Dub (VCR), *, auto program (TV), skip - (DAT), level file (CD), intro (LD), pass video (AVM)
69 skip + (DAT), memo input (CD), pass audio (AVM)
6A edit assemble (VCR), Subwoofer vol + (AU) (my own code)
6B auto program (TV), edit mark (VCR), AV center (DVD), Subwoofer vol - (AU) (my own code), matrix (AVM), time search (DAT)
6C synchro edit (VCR), ® (TV), music scan (DAT)
6E PIP off (TV), digital off (VCR), ¬½® + (TV), print (DV)
6F speed + (VCR), ¬½® - (TV), dimmer high (DAT)
70 treble + (TV), speed - (VCR), illumination color (CAR), dimmer mid (DAT)
71 treble - (TV), stop motion (VCR), loudness (CAR), dimmer low (DAT)
72 bass + (TV), 5.1 input (AU), TA-vol (CAR)
73 bass - (TV), replay scene (TVdi), show ID6 (DAT)
74 AV + (TV), program preview (TVdi), mode + ( ), channel scan / flash motion (VCR)
75 AV - (TV), mode - ( ), beep (CAR)
76 ¬½® + (TV) (wie 110), voice boost (VCR), CT on/off (CAR)
77 ¬½® - (TV) (wie 111), splitscreen (TVdi), DPC mode (SUR2), show ??? codes (DAT)
78 ¨, add channel (TV)
79 select up (DVD), erase channel (TV)
7A select down (DVD), picture enhance (LD)
7B select left (DVD)
7C select right (DVD), digital scan (VCR), mode (TV), band (TVTu)
7D high-speed-rew (VCR), system select (TVTu)
7E still/shuttle (VCR) (EV-S880), CREC in/mid/out, REC A/D (MD)
7F Display Test (MD)
  IR codes for MD edit (RM-D10P)
20...2F [space] ! " § # % & ' ( ) * + , - . /
30...39 0 ... 9
3A..3F : ; < = > ?
41...5A A ... Z
61...7A a ... z

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