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front view OR-210 satellite receiver

1,50 m Kreiselmeyer turnable dish In the middle of the 80s WISI(tm) built a beautiful designed satellite receiver with built in positioner: the OR-210.
The normal receiver could only store up to 50 channels and because also other things could be better I added many new features to the receiver. I "only" had to change and extend the software in the eprom. A few prototypes got an exclusive additional board with much more facilities. This Upgrade was a difficult matter, but worth while - with these features this device needs not to stand behind Chapparal & Co. In the beginning of 1999 I added a Panda-Wegener circuit, taken from an old Mascom receiver, autoactivating in stereo mode.

The Software for both OR-210 versions to Download as ZIP File:

Version 1.48 (16 kByte Eprom) for the "only Eprom" Version (12 kByte)

Version 3.23 (32 kByte Eprom) for the "add-on board" Version (19 kByte)

Manual (german) for both versions as ASCII-text (14 kByte)

Data File for the "add-on board" Version as ASCII-text (date: 1999/07/20) (5 kByte)

Installation of the new eprom on your own risk! But I can't support these things any more because my receiver is no more in use.

All this the OR-210 is now able with the V1.48 only by exchanging the eprom and a few reconstructions:

  • 300 channels
  • On-screen language German or English
  • Extended on-screen with possibility to turn off
  • SKEW-value on-screen
  • Audio-frequencies in digits, mono/stereo on-screen
  • Automatic Lo-/Hi-band switching (via 12V-output)
  • By offset-input of the Local-Oscillator always correct frequency display
  • Direct frequency input
  • Possibility to use an Integrated Polarizer LNC (13V/18V)
  • Additional programable output
  • Three digits green display for channel (automatic software recognition)
  • Never again a dish position change using the mains power switch
  • User assignment of the MUTE-key to "last channel"
  • Polarity switching with fast magnetic polarizer without delay or by 13/18V
  • Easier extended STORE-function
  • All important memory is save under power failure
  • Soft-reset

With the V3.23, the additional board and some other reconstructions on the main board, the OR-210 is able to yet much more:

  • 500 channels
  • 99 satellite memories
  • Name for every channel
  • Name for every satellite
  • Continuous reception of the Lo- and Hi-Band at a maximum distance of the two LO's of 1000 MHz, inspite of the 1750 MHz Tuner
  • Distance to the satellite and corresponding name on-screen while turning
  • Enhanced automatic Scan
  • Eight timers for programing
  • RS-232 connector to control the the receiver and the channel list via PC
  • 8 programmable outputs for each channel (video level, video invert, decoder, MAC-emphasis, frequency extender...)
  • 4-GHz-option: frequency display, output for coax relais, invers video


The original OR-210 manual: Download the 12 scanned pages as JPG pictures (4.13 MByte)

Some scans of the original OR-210 ciruits: Download the 4 scanned pages as JPG pictures (2.02 MByte)

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updated: 2020-11-08